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Another valuable source is the website Top 100 Golf Courses, which considers that the first golf club in California is Cypress Point Club, followed by the Pebble Beach Golf Links and the third is the San Francisco Golf Club.

If we pay attention to these ranks, we may notice that Golf Advisor has different golf courses ranked in the first place of their list, while Golf Digest and Top 100 Golf Courses propose the same golf clubs in the first two places, while the third one is different.

The most eminent golf club is considered to be the Pebble Beach Golf Links, the club that has been voted as the “World\’s Most Beautiful Golf Courses”, according to the Professional Golfers\’ Association of America.

In this post, we have tried to present you the eminent golf courses in California, according to some of the best websites in this domain. It is your choice whether you decide to follow our recommendations, or you prefer to try other golf courses that are lower in the ranks of the specialized websites. We hope that whatever your decision, you will enjoy quality golf in the company of your friends.

10 Renowned Golf Courses in California

In our previous post, we have told you which the eminent golf courses in California are, according to some of the best websites that deal with golf courses in the United States and around the world. In our current post, we will try to make a short list of the 10 renowned golf courses in California and give some details about them.

Top 3 Best Golf Clubs in California


California is one of the greatest regions for people passionate about golf. If you really love to play golf and at the same time to enjoy many other aspects such as great landscapes, a pleasant climate, friendly people, a large variety of cuisines from all over the world and enjoy the atmosphere of big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, then California is the perfect choice.

But which are the best golf clubs in California? Because there are hundreds of golf courses that you may attend in California. In order to find out which the best golf courses in California are, we have researched on the most used websites that are dealing with golf clubs’ reviews and appreciation.

The best golf course in California in 2016 is Cypress Point Club, which is the ranked first, starting from 2014. According to Top 100 Golf Courses, Cypress Point Club is on the first place in the world rankings of golf courses tops. Using the same source, Top 100 Golf Courses, we find out that among the top three Best Golf Clubs in California for 2016 are ranked clubs like Pebble Beach Golf Links and San Francisco Golf Club. This top three has not changed in 2016, being the same as it was in 2015.

Diablo Country Club
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