10 Golf Courses In California Recommended By Reviewers And Specialized Websites

In the previous section of this post, we have told you which the first three positions in golf clubs rankings in California are. In this section, we would like to extend the top three and name the first ten golf clubs that are in these positions based on the reviews of golf players.

So, according to Top 100 Golf Courses, the top ten list looks like this:

1. Cypress Point Club
2. Pebble Beach Golf Links
3. San Francisco Golf Club
4. Riviera Country Club
5. Los Angeles Country Club
6. The Olympic Club (Lake Course)
7. Pasatiempo Golf Club
8. California Golf Club
9. The Valley Club of Montecito
10. Spyglass Hill Golf Course

Cypress Point Club

Cypress Point Club

The previous top ten was based on the Top 100 Golf Courses website. If we compare it to the top ten list that was done by Golf Digest, we may observe that the most of the golf courses are the same, with only a few exceptions, but the rankings are different. So, let’s see the 10 best golf courses in California according to the Golf Digest website:
Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach Golf Links

1. Cypress Point Club
2. Pebble Beach Golf Links
3. Riviera Country Club
4. Los Angeles Country Club (North)
5. The Olympic Club (Lake Course)
6. San Francisco Golf Club
7. Spyglass Hill Golf Course
8. Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore)
9. The Quarry at La Quinta
10. The Valley Club of Montecito

As you notice from these top ten lists, there are small differences, especially in the places that certain golf clubs occupy in the top, but most of them are the same and the first and the second places are exactly the same golf courses

Main advantage of these renowned golf courses in California

The most important advantage of the renowned golf course in California is the high quality its fields, holes and equipment. Besides these, the personnel are highly qualified and provide excellent services for their clients. One of the main advantages in choosing renowned a golf club is that you may pick one based on previous clients’ reviews and opinions. So, you will have the chance to use others’ experiences in certain golf courses to make the right decision and have a great time playing golf in some of the best golf courses in California.

Riviera Country Club

Riviera Country Club

In order to compare the best golf clubs in California, you may use ratings such as those given by Top 100 Golf Courses, which have six levels of appreciation for golf clubs, from very poor to excellent.

We hope that based on our post, you will find the best golf courses in California to enjoy your hobby and have great experiences in these clubs.

Diablo Country Club
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