A Good Base – The 10 Best Golfing Shoes For 2019

Did you know that a golfer may walk close to 8 kilometers during an 18-hole game? And that’s just on the course… This makes good golf footwear vital for a safe and enjoyable game.

Golf shoe companies vying for the top slot have taken every measure to create and market the best golf footwear possible. Choosing a single pair can be quite a task.

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So, we went through an array of the latest golfing shoes to come up with the leading 10, according to our parameters of strength, stability, flexibility and of course, looks!

Here they are:

1) Adidas Tour 360 Xt

Flip it over to reveal the stability enhancing X that marks this top contender. The multiple directional steadiness that this shoe provides with the utmost ease is remarkable, while being cushioned equally from toe to heel.

Perfect for unruly terrain, the ADIDAS Tour 360XT is available in lighter versions with an advanced and long-lasting thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole. In fact, make sure to choose one of the lighter versions for better performance.

2) Foot Joy Fury

An intelligent shoe with an intention towards optimum comfort. The Foot joy Fury achieves this owing to its clever design that identifies key contact points and reinforces grip. You can spot them as sunny spirals on the TPU outsole.

Regarding its commitment to comfort, here it is – There is a singular inner Fit sleeve and a fine-tuned foam midsole. Added to which is an intuitive, double layered, Fit bed that shapes itself uniquely to foot contours, making it a customized product, for the long haul.

The leather plus mesh covering is waterproof for those rainy or dewy golf days. It is also breathable making it ideal for any weather. To top it all off, the Flex-Grid MLC Cage ensures that the laces are attached to the midsole, giving it a safe, compact feel.

3) Puma Ignite Nxt

This sleek Puma creation is ingenious and convenient. First, the Pro-form TPU outsole has a wildly intricate traction pattern with 100 hexagon-shaped lugs placed in a highly advanced strategic manner. Advanced stability makes the Puma Ignite NXT a real winner.

Second, atop is the joint force of PWR Cage Technology and PWR Frame reinforcement leading to a light but strong shoe. And lastly, the Puma Ignite NXT Disc version has a neat lace-tie up system that tightens shoelaces by a simple spinning of a disc.

4) Nike Lunar Control Vapor

All the best golfing shoes possess some serious traction elements, but this Nike beauty is made with “Nike Articulated Integrated Traction”. It is recommended for its maneuverability – the way it provides just the right amount of grip and easy flexibility during golf swing shots.

The aesthetic fly wire and mesh surface give these shoes a classy appearance while ensuring they are also weatherproof.

5) Under Armor Spieth 3

The Jordan Spieth golf shoes backed by data on biomechanics of golfing, continue to amaze us. If you like fashion, then Under Armors are for you. Though this range, from which the Under-Amour Spieth 3 is the third, has a lineage of striking golf shoes, they are also known to be exceptionally strong while being lightweight owing to TPU fibers and high quality Clarion microfiber leather.

Plus, Under Amour’s Rotational Resistance Spikes are placed all along the shoe. Inside the shoe, is a super supportive EVA footbed and when teamed with the TPU outsole, and an airy midsole, gives maximum comfort.

6) Foot Joy Tour-S Boa

This is another Foot joy worth a mention! This one has a handy and clever Boa application which not only easily winds up the shoelaces but also helps the shoe to grip the foot better when playing.

The other outstanding characteristic of the Foot joy Tour-S Boa is its Power Plate outsole of integrated carbon weave fiberglass and 9 visible launch-pods. An integrated Power Strap in the upper section locks the shoe down well.

7) Adidas Crossknit 3.0

You want a 2019 model, then these golf shoes are it!

Adidas has a reputation of running-turned-golf versions and this one possesses some characteristics from its other ranges. But what makes the limited edition Crossknit 3.0 special is the balance it offers, while being light and supportive. As compared to the Adidas Tour, these are simpler, lighter and more flexible. They also have multiple applications which means they can be worn equally well, on and off course.

Though they don’t look like traditional golf shoes, they have the required makings of one. The highly durable spikeless outsole with Adi Wear traction lugs, a light, waterproof cover and an external TPU on the heel and toes.

8) Duca Del Cosma Heritage

This eye-catching shoe looks and is Italian – in style, elegance and technology.

The Heritage 2019 version is the very first ever in the entire range with spikes, creating the first of a new line of golf shoes by this brand. These classy shoes are made from full-grain leather, boost of exceptional grip and are weatherproof.

The understated Cross System Protection on the sole gives these shoes an unexpected amount of grasp.

9) Sketchers Go Golf Pro V.4

This is a popular golf shoe all around, favored by players and reviewers alike. We prefer it for its comfortable size and the typical 8 cleat diamond-design outsole. It offers maximum safety while being cushioned and safe. The heel lock gives additional stability for those swing golf shots.

The other advantage of the Sketchers Go Golf Pro is its true weatherproof nature. It has an H2GO Shield which eludes to a special method of sealing shoe seams instead of covering the shoe with a waterproof material.

10) Nike Golf Air Zoom Victory Tour

The last one in our list is by no means the least! Rory Mcclory has infused parts of himself in the look and construction of this shoe and it shows.

Nike certainly know how to do it and though the Golf Air Zoom Victory tour shoes carry the flamboyance of basketball, they do not lack the necessary utility and stability.

We like both the black and white options in these Nike golf stunners. 

Now, it’s your turn to choose!

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