10 Essential Golf Accessories Every Golfer Should Carry

Because in one of our previous posts we have provided some information regarding golf equipment, but without giving details about this important aspect of golf, we would like to provide all the information regarding golf equipment and accessories that a golfer needs in order to enjoy this sport.

The basic golf equipment

Because golf is a sport, you have to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move freely and enjoy movement.
Golf Shoes

golf shoesSpeaking of shoes, you have to take into account that you have to walk a lot while playing golf. Due to this, sport shoes are the best choice for golf playing. According to Golf Digest, some of the best golf shoes for 2017 include examples such as Adidas Adipower Bounce, Adidas Tour360 Boost, Callaway Coronado, Ecco Casual Hybrid and Footjoy Contour Fit.

Golf accessories

If in the previous section of our post we have listed the main features that golf equipment includes, in this section we will try “to complete” your equipment with other accessories that are very valuable if you would like to enjoy the highest experience as a golf player.
Golf AccesoriesIt is difficult to distinguish between basic golf equipment and accessories, but we will try to consider that accessories are those features that may be used, but even without them you can enjoy a golf game.

According to Golf Discount.com, in the accessories category we may include the training aids, umbrellas, towels, head covers and grips, but also golf carts or tees. If we choose to find accessories for other websites, we can find that Online Golf includes in this category articles like gloves, golf balls, training aids, umbrellas, mats & nets and tees.

In the list of golf accessories, we may include ball mark repair tools, ball retrievers, stroke counters, ball washers and position guides. Even if these accessories may be missing from the golfer’s’ equipment, they will help them to obtain better results and enjoy the highest levels of golfing experiences.

Summary - 10 essential pieces of equipment for a golf player

Now that you have discovered the golf equipment which are the most important pieces and which are the accessories that you may use during a golf game, let’s summarize and make a short list with the first 10 features that you have to use during a golf game with your friends.

1. Clothes – T-shirts, sweaters, waterproof jackets
2. Sport shoes
3. Golf Drivers

4. Golf Balls and tees
5. Ball markers
6. Golf Bags

8. Ball marks repair tool
9. Grips
10. Head covers

We hope that using our posts, you will know exactly which pieces of your golf equipment is missing, if you are a golf player for many years, or you will discover which are the pieces of equipment that you should buy first, if you are a beginner at golf.