Things You Must Know When You Consider Joining a Golf Club

We have discussed in one of our previous posts the difference between public and private golf clubs. Each golf player has his or her reasons when he or she decides to join a golf club. In this post, we will try to help those golf players that are at beginning this game to look out for important things before joining a golf club.

What are the reasons that may motivate you to join a golf club?

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If you love to play golf and you want to play more and more every day, then you should think about joining a golf club. Being part of a golf club means more time spent on the pitch, so you will have the chance to enjoy more games. Besides this aspect, being part of a golf club means that you will meet new people, most of them having the same interests as you have, and have a more active social life.

Other reasons that may motivate you to become part of a golf club include the playing conditions, which are better if you attend a golf club, and the game efficiency, which will rise if you choose to join a club because you will not have to wait until other golf players finish their game.

Maybe you are looking to have more friends and you would like to feel that you are part of a “family” outside your home. In this case, choosing a golf club may represent an excellent option for you. Joining a golf club will teach you what camaraderie means. Having the opportunity to attend tournaments and enjoy amenities such as swimming or spa treatments may represent other benefits provided by the decision to become a member of a golf club, according to GolfLink.

Choosing the best membership package for you in the golf club

Even if you choose to become part of a golf club in order to benefit from the multitude of advantages that this will provide you, you have to choose among several membership packages, which have different benefits. According to the “Get into golf” website, you may choose among the following membership packages:

Full membership

Corporate membership

Weekday membership

Academy membership

Twilight membership

Points membership

Of course, each of these membership packages will provide you more or fewer benefits in order to enjoy golf games as a member of a golf club.

For example, if we compare full membership with weekday membership, we have to know that if we choose to pay for the full membership, we will have access to golf facilities and many other additional amenities during the entire period for which we have paid. On the other hand, if we choose weekday membership, we can use also the entire range of facilities provided by the golf club to its clients, but only from Monday to Friday, meaning that we have to schedule our golf time according to our working hours.

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If you are a beginner, you should choose the “Academy membership”, which means that you will benefit from coaching and support provided by the best golfers that are working for the club that you have chosen.

For those lucky persons that are employed in a big company that intends to motivate its employees to become more productive, they should know that the company may offer the chance to be part of a golf club using the “Corporate membership” package.

Fees charged for membership packages by golf clubs

By choosing to become part of a golf club, you choose to spend a significant amount of money to support your hobby. You have to know that the amount of money that you have to pay in order to be a member of a golf club may be quite high. According to, the annual fee is around $2000.

According to Golf Digest, there are clubs that have fees close to the amount of $7,500 or clubs that have huge fees like $250,000

[Source: Golf Digest]

Only you know which your budget to play golf is, but we are sure that you will find that golf club that you can afford to pay in order to enjoy your hobby.

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